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Where is my Wolfy?
Where is my Wolfy?
Where oh where oh where is my Wolfy?
He leaves at half past,
When the moon is full mast,
And I hear him howling all during my fast,
I cannot sleep a wink,
I stay awake and think-
'Oh where is my husband?' and then I do blink,
And lo and behold!
He's with me again!
Carrying in his arms the legs of a lamb.
He's such a good man,
One I can trust,
And I try not to mind when he leaves in a rush,
And I really do not, until I do cry,
'Oh where oh where is my Wolfy!'
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Past Closing Hours
       He was running late.
       Jonathan cursed his luck as he pelted towards uptown Gotham, dodging lights, rain drops, and onlookers and he ran pel-mell through the empty streets. He tripped on a corner of sidewalk and skidded, arms wheeling as he hit the concrete. Jonathan cursed again vehemently before jumping back to his feet and heading off at a run.
       He was not going to miss this.
       George Venga, the George Venga! Good grief, he had not written anything in years, and then, out of the blue, he comes up with not a article, not a book, not even a manuscript, but a tome - over 50,000 pages split between three individual texts on nothing but emotions, amongst them being fear.
       Jonathan sped up, gritting his teeth against the cold and new found pain. He was getting to tha
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       Nobody ever really thinks about the world blowing to bits. That's probably why when it does, everything goes to hell. It happened like in that book I had to read in ninth grade; all the big badass countries of the world fired every bit of nuclear weaponry they had at each other and, suddenly, nobody was left standing. You can wake up in the home you've known forever and find that it's strange to you, and when you walk down stairs, nothing's familiar. Think – ha- you think your going crazy, that everything is moving way to fast and you want to tie yourself to a chair or a post or something, anything, so that you can feel like you actually are standing still.
       Those that couldn't tie themselves down just either never got out of bed or sliced away at themselves, bit by bit, till there was nothing left but crimson ribbons on the floor, all silky and shiny, like the ones I used to buy my gi
:iconmonkeysundles:MonkeysUndles 2 15
Powdered Sugar
This was not an optimal situation.
Jervis sighed, dejectedly crossing his arms as he glared about the make-shift laboratory. Jonathan had promised he would meet him at the chemical lab, but Jervis should have known better. Promises were pie crusts, and he had ground more than his fair share between his teeth, oh yes, all burnt and black, bitter ashy tasting fallacy.
But this was accidental. Jonathan was always one of those individuals whose sanity and insanity fluctuated spasmodically, as rapidly rising and falling as the readings of an earthquake, or a brain scan, or a fluttering heart beat. Jervis gave a sad little noise, still displeased at the empty vicinity. No fun. No fun at all.
Muttering darkly under his breath, he pulled a thermos from his oversized coat pocket, breathing gently as the warmth from within radiated out and warmed his fingers in a friendly way. With a flourish, he swept the lid off and downed a swallow.
It took everything within his power not to spit it back up.
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I'll Be Yours If You Want
I'll be the DJ if you dance
I'll be the floor if that's where you'll stand
I'll be the tree on the corner in the rain
   That you can stand under while you wait for a chance
I'll be the radio if you need your favorite song
I'll be the stars if you need something to count on
I'll be the moment when you can take a stand
   Tell me if you need something, and I'll be your man.
:iconmonkeysundles:MonkeysUndles 2 3
In the name of the Father
"Our Father"
Not yours, mine.
"Who art thou in Heaven"
Impossible. Not real. Can't be.
"Hallow be thy name"
That makes no sense.
"Thy Kingdome come,"
Once upon a time,
"Thy will be done"
There was a princess,
"On Earth,"
And she,
"as is,"
Slayed the
"in Heaven"
"Give us this day our daily bread"
Twelve at noon to twelve at night
"And forgive us our trespasses"
I'm sorry I always pretended to be sleeping
"As we forgive those who trespass against us"
And I'm sorry I never gave my new mommy a chance
"And lead us not into temptation"
Daddy, daddy where are you? Help me.
"But deliver us from evil"
"For thine is the kingdom"
in a land far, far away
"And the power"
There was a princess
"And the glory"
And her father
The king.
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We had perfection.
Nothing was left unaccomplished, nothing was left undone. Our race was the epitome of evolution. We owned the world, and the world owned us. Such a beautiful thing it was, to need and be needed by an entity so much larger than yourself. Harmony floated on the air like sweet perfume, and we basked in its glory, letting it weave its magic into our brains and lead us to enlightenment.
We had knowledge.
Earth held no secrets from us, and we held none from her. Our knowledge surpassed everything ever seen. Every leaf, every animal, every cloud, every star, we knew. Our minds held the world, and vice versa. It was a universal loop, and eternal cycle of understanding, pure comprehension of everything that ever had been.
We had power.
Within our being was the ability to vanquish imperfection. Our kind wished nothing more than to wipe it off the face of this beautiful, blue celestial being, and revel in our own supremacy. Our colors flowed over the face of the planet, protect
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       I am sorry. You are so confused, and it is my fault. Please, let me apologize for any inconvenience; such discomfort was not intended.
       Let me attempt to make things clearer.
       When I talk, I do not always say exactly what I mean. The general goal is there, but, ah, not everything. Somewhere along the line, something is left, and that which is left is what is needed most. Lost, that is the word. Something is lost in translation. It balances on the precipice of my tongue, hovering over the yawning abyss that separates myself from you, then turns tail and hides somewhere deep behind my molars.
       What a shy little thing.  
       But in silence I can coax it out, letting it open the secret trap door, throw down a rope ladder, and escape. It runs, and runs, and runs, getting quite far
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Mary Elizabeth
Mary Elizabeth could have been anything
Mary Elizabeth could have done anything
Mary Elizabeth could have felt
Mary Elizabeth, instead, chose to become something different
Mary Elizabeth flies, swooping and souring through space, in a state of perpetual joy. She polishes the stars, makes them bright and shining for anybody who cares to look. In the dead of winter, she pours out the little bits and pieces that have broken off of the celestial bodies down upon the worlds when they are in winter, bringing the stars close enough for children to grasp, and marvel, and cherish.
Mary Elizabeth lives.
:iconmonkeysundles:MonkeysUndles 5 15
The Cage I Created
My body is a cage
And it keeps me
And I can't seem to leave.
My mind is the warden
And it keeps me
There are no visitors here.
My soul is the only thing free about me.
It can
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Mature content
Do You Believe in God, Kyle? :iconmonkeysundles:MonkeysUndles 1 18
       She had fallen in love with the idea years ago.
       It was one which she had come across as a young child as she stared out into the fuzzy, anonymous horizon, mulling over tales and answerless questions. In all her reading, the hero found their hero, and they would ride off into the wild blue yonder, alive and brimming with joy. You never needed a sequel to know that they lived happily ever after, 'till death do they part. It's just natural.
       Spending the rest of your life with someone is what you do with that special, perfect person.
       But that never happened now. Sure, perhaps in the medieval centuries, perhaps in the Victorian era, perhaps in the roaring twenties people fell in love and loved their love for a lifetime, but in the era in which she now sat there was not a speck of love she could see.
:iconmonkeysundles:MonkeysUndles 7 24
The Prison
       He was dead.
       He had to be dead, there was no possible way he could survive. Such pain. He was in such pain. It was as if the very atoms of his soul were being torn to shreds, and there was nothing he could do about it. There would never be anything he could do about it. This pain, it would be a permanent affliction, an unfading scar.
       Years. He had loved her for years, and had loved the idea of her long before they had ever crossed paths. From the moment she showed her character, from the moment she said his name, he had loved her. It may have been quiet, silent, even, but he had loved her more than he had ever loved anything in his life.
       He wished he didn't.
       As he looked at her, clutching at that lizard and shaking, he felt himself break, shatter, die. There was nothing in this w
:iconmonkeysundles:MonkeysUndles 8 68
A Place You Shouldn't Know
       There's a place downtown, one of those joints owned by a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who knows. It doesn't have any sort of name, or any real 'formal' sort a' way a' getting there, it just is there. One of dos' hole-in-the-wall kinda places, 'ite? If you don't know about it, ya got little ta worry about. There ain't no deals ya gotta watch, ain't no names ya gotta remember, it's just you and life and you get on with it. If you do know about it, I bet dollars to donuts you's gonna be dead before you can turn around. It ain't a place you wanna know about.
       'S the freaks' playground.
       Every rat, every spider, every termite huddles up in 'dat hole, and I ain't talkin' about people, kid. I'm talkin' about monsters. Monsters that play with their food and then leave it to rot in some alleyway, Monsters that laugh at dead back-wash that winds up in the drink, Mons
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One Shot
Perhaps it is the general disposition of her health that caused his rage, a thing that lashed out when least expecting so as to draw the unfortunate souls it caught down into the ninth level of its own personal Hell. She can't blame him, not really. She had lashed out at people when he had been in the hospital not two years prior after suffering multiple infarcts on the left side of his brain. Strokes. Foul strokes. Ever since then, however, he feels he has the right to give the strokes, and being hit by him is much the same as being pummeled by burning coals hit at you with an illegal baseball bat. It hurts, to put it lightly, and it burns your soul until you feel moth-eaten, unclean, incomplete.
She can only hope that, at this moment, at this time of need, he will change.
It's doubtful, but there is a one-in-a-million shot.
A person only needs one shot to make everything right.
A person really has only one shot to save his wife.
But still, when all is said and done, it will be she, t
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The Problems with Company
       Twas not her general frustration at him being in the room that drove her to silence, moreover, it was the fact that whenever she was in the living room, attempting to concentrate, that he would appear. With the need to talk, or have his back cracked, he would show his face at the most impromptu times, causing her to forget exactly what needed to be scribbled down on page, letting those few thoughts she had momentarily held vanish, floating once again out of grasp.
       And he talks about his cars. They are his children. Metallic hunks that run on gasoline. She would not mind so much, so long as he didn't look too closely under the couch she was sitting on and discover the small bowl of goldfish crackers she had been munching on just prior to his entering the room. Food outside of the kitchen was illegal of course, unless you were over forty. What a silly rule that was though, for people who knew how to feed
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Well hello!
It's been a year since I've written here. Thing is, I've been doing my own works, and with college, it's very difficult to do writing for this place. I've kept up with all of you however, and I'm happy to see you are all doing very well :)

There is, however, one small project in the works that, when I finish, you will all be able to enjoy.

I'm building a game.

*laugh* yeah, yeah a bit different from my normal stint, but I've taken one of the ideas I had form a book and, while working on another (I am so close... SO CLOSE TO DONE I CAN'T BELIEVE IT) I'm turning it into a game. The name is Sigil of Ameth, and it's been moving along with little to no flaws.

There's just one thing.

I really...REALLY need someone good with pixel art to help me out. Basically with making monsters and fighting animations- it's an overworld RPG game. Lots of twists, turns, hunting for items, beating enemies, puzzles, and alliances that turn into enemies.
For most of the things, like bats or skeletons, I can go onto a royalty free website and get some help. But when I'm trying to make something specific, it get's really hard. If ANY of you know how to do pixel art in the RPG fashion, or know someone who can, I would be much oblidged. I promise it will be done by March of this coming year (so long as my computer doesn't crash again (another big reason I wasn't here much- had to save up for a new one)) and I will put the link here.

Best wishes to all of you- I love you so - and I am sorry I've been gone for far too long :)

Journal History


Artist | Student | Literature
King Arthur: You fight with the strength of many men, Sir Knight.
[the Black Knight doesn't respond]
King Arthur: I am Arthur, King of the Britons.
[no response]
King Arthur: I seek the bravest and the finest knights in the land who will join me in my court at Camelot.
[no response]
King Arthur: You have proved yourself worthy. Will you join me?
[no response]
King Arthur: You make me sad. So be it. Come, Patsy!
[attempts to get around the Black Knight]
Black Knight: None shall pass.
King Arthur: What?
Black Knight: None shall pass!
King Arthur: I have no quarrel with you, good Sir Knight. But I must cross this bridge.
Black Knight: Then you shall die.
King Arthur: I command you, as King of the Britons, to stand aside!
Black Knight: I move for no man.
King Arthur: So be it!
[they fight until Arthur cuts off Black Knight's left arm]
King Arthur: Now, stand aside, worthy adversary!
Black Knight: 'Tis but a scratch!
King Arthur: A scratch? Your arm's off!
Black Knight: No, it isn't!
King Arthur: Well, what's that then?
Black Knight: I've had worse.
King Arthur: You liar!
Black Knight: Come on, you pansy!
[they fight again. Arthur cuts off the Knight's right arm]
King Arthur: Victory is mine!
[kneels to pray]
King Arthur: We thank thee, Lord, that in thy mercy -
[cut off by the Knight kicking him]
Black Knight: Come on, then.
King Arthur: What?
Black Knight: Have at you!
King Arthur: You are indeed brave, Sir Knight, but the fight is mine!
Black Knight: Oh, had enough, eh?
King Arthur: Look, you stupid Bastard. You've got no arms left!
Black Knight: Yes I have.
King Arthur: *Look*!
Black Knight: It's just a flesh wound.
[the Black Knight continues to threaten Arthur despite getting both his arms and one of his legs cut off]
Black Knight: Right, I'll do you for that!
King Arthur: You'll what?
Black Knight: Come here!
King Arthur: What are you gonna do, bleed on me?
Black Knight: I'm invincible!
King Arthur: ...You're a loony.
[cuts off the Black Knight's las leg and walks past]
Black Knight:Oh, I see! Had enough eh! I'll get you! I'll bite your legs off!!


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